Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Chris Huhne: Tough On Energy Prices - But Not Tough On The Causes Of Energy Prices

If there was one question we were all burning to ask Chris Huhne today, it would not be "Did you get your ex-wife to take the rap for your speeding offence?" It would be "To what extent are our gas and electricity bills ramped up to such obscene levels as a direct consequence of the lunatic green policies of your government and their fanatical pursuit of EU targets for renewable energy?"

With every new story of how foreign wind turbine firms such as the Danish company Dong Energy (just about says it all) are being paid not to produce electricity when the wind blows really hard, and how wealthy landowners like the Prime Minster's father in law are coining it in for their part in despoiling the landscape with the said monstrosities, it is difficult to know whether to laugh or to cry. And the chance of Huhne the Eco-Loon getting tough on himself is sadly just as likely as the chance of his multi-millionaire Cabinet colleagues ever being able truly to feel the pain of the governed classes when the energy bills get higher and higher.

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